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Stop letting your mind sabotage you & block your success!

Your Own Personal Gold Mine of Success Mindset Resources On Demand, On Your Schedule, At Your Own Pace!

Discover how to achieve success with ease and let your mind work for you, not against you.

Get the keys to unlocking the hidden potential of your mind and start living life on your terms.

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Release Stress, Anxiety & Frustration

Working through emotions isn't easy.

Working through traumas isn't easy.

The good news is you don't have to do it alone anymore.

The Magic Mind Coach!


Let Me Get In Your Head & Free Your Mind!

If you don't know me, I'm David [The Magic Mind Coach]. And I ABSOLUTELY LOVE getting inside people's heads and helping them break through any blocks that prevent them from living a fulfilling life of their dreams!

I've been coaching people through deep traumas and emotional upsets professionally since 2004.

I have spent my entire life learning about the mind to heal from my own deep traumas, unresolved emotions, and all those weird subconscious things that got in my way, and held me back from living a life free of constant stress and anxiety.

Growing up with an alcoholic mom addicted to heroin, moving around a LOT, even having to dig through trash bins to find food to survive, I have personally experienced how difficult it can be to live in that constant state of fear that you're not going to be OK, that you'll never feel good enough.

This put me on a mission to build a better life for myself, which also led to a deep passion for understanding how the mind works, especially related to traumas and unresolved emotions.

Looking for a way out, I was fascinated with how the mind works, how we process the world in our minds, through the filter of our experiences, negative or positive. This led me to a passionate lifelong study of psychology, hypnotherapy, neuroscience, and metaphysics. That not only helped me to process through my own traumas and emotions and also gave me the tools to help thousands of people all over the world to rapidly & efficiently work through their own traumas and unresolved emotions.

I have dialed in my processes over TENS OF THOUSANDS of hours working with THOUSANDS of clients all over the world to help solve their greatest challenges, from Emotions & Traumas to Success Mindset to Subconscious Programming, all the way to Figuring out all the Crazy Stuff you can't put your finger on!

If you feel like you're spinning your wheels and spending that precious resource of time wasting your life with stress, doubt & anxiety I would love to help you find your peace, clarity, and purpose.

I'm here for YOU!

David A. Caren, C.Ht. [The Magic Mind Coach]

David A. Caren, C.Ht.
[The Magic Mind Coach]

Master of the Mind, Wizard of Emotions,
Solver Of Problems & Creator Of Solutions!

The Magic Mind Vault

A Success Mindset Gold Mine!

  • Do you want to wake up each morning feeling confident?
  • Do you want to crush your self doubts & trust yourself more?
  • Do you want to stop living in fear?
  • Do you want to stop feeling triggered, and start feeling free?
  • Do you want to start seeing your life change?
  • Do you want to stop talking, and start DOING?
  • Do you want to take more action on your dreams?
  • Are you ready to stop blocking yourself with self-sabotage
  • Are you ready to eliminate procrastination?
  • Are you ready to crush negative self-talk?
  • Do you want to find your life purpose & passion, and start making it REAL?

Are you tired of just trying to "COPE" just to get through the next trigger moment?

STOP "Coping"... Start LIVING!

Imagine a world where you are on top of your game, working on your goals, slaying your to do list...

Imagine waking up, feeling FREE, excited to take on the day!

Imagine KNOWING you have the tools and resources IF something gets in the way.

You know you have something holding you back.

Something you're not willing to face.

Something you can't put into words.

The Magic Mind Vault is the Perfect Solution.

If you're not ready for The Magic Mind Coaching Program, but still want the benefits, this is perfect for you.

With a library of content you can dive into at your own pace, on your schedule, using what you need RIGHT now, The Magic Mind Vault gives you access to all the knowledge and inspiration you need to get unstuck. You can work through your specific issues and find the answers to your personal challenges.


You can also take advantage of all the tools we have to help you reach your potential with our Zen Ed Academy Bonus. The Zen Ed Library is an incredible bonus already FILLED with over $60,000 worth of courses designed to help you break through the blocks holding you back from the life of your dreams!

And you get it FREE with The Magic Mind Vault.

There's no better time than right now to take advantage of The Magic Mind Vault.

What Is The Magic Mind Vault?

Success Mindset Videos

You get the entire Magic Mind Vault with all the Success Mindset Group Coaching Calls to watch when you want. Pick topics you need most. Release Your Blocks, Improve Your Life!

Magic Mindset Meditations

You get a Mindset Meditation at the end of each call on the topic of the call. Every Mindset Meditation is designed to be repeated as often as necessary.

Magic Mindset Education

Learn about mindset topics, shift your perception, free your mind & set yourself up for success! The more you learn, the more you know.

How Can The Magic Mind Vault Help You?

Whether you have Traumas, Unresolved Emotions, Subconscious Blocks or something you can't put your finger on...

The Magic Mind Vault Can Help!

Here's What The Magic Mind Vault Can Do For You

 It Can Change Your Life! 

  • Your Own Personal Gold Mine of Success Mindset Resources On Demand, On Your Schedule, At Your Own Pace!
  • Unlock the hidden potential of your mind and start living life on your terms
  • Stop letting your mind sabotage you and get in the way of your success
  • Start seeing your life change
  • Start taking more action towards achieving success
  • Find your life purpose & passion
Special Offer! Join Now and get The LOWEST Price EVER!


Build Your Confidence & Set Yourself Free!

Here are just a few ways to save you precious time, effort, headache & hassle whether you're working on yourself, getting your mindset right, or you're ready to help the world in bigger ways...

Mindset, Life Coaching & Hypnotherapy

Mindset is such a buzzword, but the truth is that your mindset does have a lot to do with how well you're going to do in life. It's only one part of the puzzle though, because if you don't couple mindset with quality guidance, support, & direction you can easily get lost.

  • Trauma Release
  • Deep Emotional Processing
  • Life Purpose & Passion
  • Self Confidence
  • Self Trust

Trauma comes in all sorts of shapes & sizes. None of them are super easy to recognize, or to work through.

But you don't have to wander around in the dark anymore.

  • Overcoming Sexual Traumas
  • Reclaiming Personal Power
  • Feeling Disconnected
  • Handling Dissociation
  • Discovering Personal Identity
  • Rewiring Family Traumas
  • Emotional Alignment
Unresolved Emotions

Unresolved emotions are tricky things in the mind hiding away in the dark corners afraid of being discovered.

Step out of the darkness, released from your burdens & free to be happy.

  • Can't Tell What I'm Feeling
  • Cry At The Little Things
  • Get Emotional For No Reason
  • Not Sure What To Feel
  • Not Sure How To Feel
  • Bottling Emotions
  • Random Emotional Outbursts
Subconscious Programs

Subconscious programs are that strange voice in our head that we're not sure belongs to us... but we can't seem to stop or change it, no matter how hard we try.

Unlock the tools to change the programs and take back your power!

  • Stuck In Loops
  • Negative Self Talk
  • People Pleasing Patterns
  • Co-Dependency
  • Self Sabotage
  • Rumination
  • Accepting Compliments

Is The Magic Mind Vault Worth It?

"MORE Than 10 Years of Therapy!!"

"You have helped me MORE, in the past month than 10 YEARS of therapy!!"

5 Star Review Horizontal

Maryann H.

What's Possible With

The Magic Mind Vault?

Kerry H.

5 Star Review Horizontal

Self Love (Like Kerry)

"I highly recommend David for psychic development, spiritual healing and learning self-love. He is a joy to work with, and very very good at what he does; in short he accomplished in a 1-hour session what a traditional psychologist would accomplish in a decade."

Tracy C.

5 Star Review Horizontal

Personal Power & Vulnerability (Like Tracy)

"I've been a repeat client for 7 years now... I was struggling with childhood trauma, buried emotions and challenges within myself and relationships that I didn't know how to address. I stepped into my personal power with his guidance. With David, you get realness, non-judgement and the ability to open up and talk about things that you need to release. He provides the space for you to be vulnerable so you could break through those challenges within that hold you back from living a fruitful, fulfilling, and joyous life from within which extends outward... Incredibly - The BEST!"

Shae M.

5 Star Review Horizontal

Feel Safe To Express Anything! (Like Shae)

"Beautiful Breakthrough! Working with David was like a dream. He listened to me with so much compassion. I felt safe to express everything that I was feeling no matter how different or weird it seemed to my human brain. He allowed me to feel safe exploring parts of myself that I never had the safety to explore in the past. I'm very grateful for the time spent with David, and with myself. It gave me a newfound appreciation for this work and my life in general. I would recommend him to everyone I know and actually I recommended them to my parents not too long after my session. I'm sure he could make anyone feel comfortable to explore even the most unexplored parts of themselves. I will definitely be working with him again. Thank you. :)"

Alexa M.

5 Star Review Horizontal

Release Trauma & Anger (Like Alexa)

"I absolutely love David. I was really struggling with a recent experience that left me traumatized and angry. I had scheduled a one hour session. He guided me through and I felt some really strong things. at the end of the hour I felt better about everything I had been experiencing and felt so much relief from letting go and processing everything."

Special Zen Ed Academy Bonus

You Get Complete Access to Zen Ed Academy™ (Value $62,267)

The Zen Ed Library™ with Over 31+ PhD-Backed Courses

Feature 01

Mental Programming

  • Radical Selfie Acceptance
  • Personal Power Secrets
  • Reclaim Your Personal Power
  • Stop People Pleasing
  • Stop Negative Self Talk
  • Neural Bridge Alignment
  • Feature 02

    Emotional Healing

  • 7 Day Self Love Challenge
  • 90 Day Life Transformation
  • Crush Self Doubts
  • Build Self Confidence
  • Crush Imposter Syndrome
  • Self Care Primer
  • Feature 03

    Intuitive Expansion

  • Psychic Development
  • Intuitive Tarot
  • Beginner Tarot
  • Intermediate Tarot
  • Chakras Masterclass
  • Aura Mastery
  • Advanced Mediumship Training
  • Healing Mediumship
  • Feature 04

    Metaphysical & Spiritual Guidance

  • Spiritual Awakening
  • Dark Night Of The Soul
  • Higher Self Connection
  • Manifestation Mastery
  • Dream Interpretation Matrix
  • Energy Healing Mastery
  • Planes Of Consciousness
  • Spiritual Ethics Of Grief
  • Feature 05

    Life Purpose & Passion

  • 7 Blocks To Life Purpose
  • Life Purpose & Passion
  • Manifestation Mastery
  • Crush Creative Blocks
  • Feature 06

    Certification Courses

  • Mediumship Certification
  • Intuitive Tarot Certification
  • Intermediate Tarot Certification
  • Aura Reader Certification

    Zen Ed Academy Is Valued At $62,267


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    I'm building the foundation for The Magic Mind Vault, and this is the first round. I've NEVER done this before, so you have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor. The prices will NEVER be this low again.

    INSANELY Discounted Pricing

    My private coaching is currently $500/Hour for a one-on-one session with me AND it's worth every penny and more.

    I've dialed in the process to be so efficient, I'm able to get deep into the heart of the matter sometimes in MINUTES... and the rest of the time is spent processing, releasing, integrating, and connecting all the dots so you feel like a million bucks, and saving you DECADES of therapy!

    Foundation Status

    If you choose to take the leap, you'll be one of the founding members on the ground floor of this incredible and unique vault of education, processing & meditations designed to help you with WHATEVER is holding you back from being your absolute best!

    You deserve the very best life filled with success and happiness!

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